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Category: Escape
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Daymare Town
Daymare Town - Point And Click Puzzle Game
Plays: 668 Rating: Not rated

Escape From Hartwell
Escape From Hartwell - You Are Trapped In The Most Boring Place On Earth, Hart...
Plays: 659 Rating: Not rated

O Cofre
O Cofre - O Cofre (The Safe) Is The Sequel Of O Quarto (The Room)...
Plays: 684 Rating: Not rated

O Quarto
O Quarto - A Escape Game, With A Lot Of Puzzles.
Plays: 660 Rating: Not rated

Escape #3: The Phonebooth
Escape #3: The Phone... - Point And Click Escape Game
Plays: 644 Rating: Not rated

Christmas Escape
Christmas Escape - Your Mother Locked You Into The Room! You Will Have To ...
Plays: 815 Rating: Not rated

Dream Escape
Dream Escape - An Escape The Room Game Based On The Work Of Rene Magri...
Plays: 656 Rating: Not rated

White Room
White Room - You Are Locked Inside A Padded Room In A Mental Asylum....
Plays: 682 Rating: Not rated

Pollekes Garden Escape
Pollekes Garden Esca... - Polleke's Garden Version 2.0 Is The New Version Of Poll...
Plays: 669 Rating: Not rated

Mental - Try To Escape From The Mental Institution!
Plays: 662 Rating: Not rated

Escape from the Kitchen
Escape From The Kitc... - An Escape The Room Game. Use Your Mouse To Click On Ob...
Plays: 688 Rating: Not rated

Escape from the Gallery
Escape From The Gall... - Escape From The Gallery. Click On Objects To Collect, ...
Plays: 648 Rating: Not rated

DIY Escape
Diy Escape - Escape The Room Game Set In A New Room Being Painted.
Plays: 676 Rating: Not rated

ASUE2 : The Gum Machine.
Asue2 : The Gum Mach... - Escape From The Rooms Of The Gum Machine.
Plays: 710 Rating: Not rated

Yellow Blocks Escape
Yellow Blocks Escape - Escape Game By, Find Al The Yellow Blo...
Plays: 654 Rating: Not rated

Escapism - A Live Action Video Escape The Room Game.. With Some Ti...
Plays: 639 Rating: Not rated

Labyrinth - You Must Find The Key First And Then Find The Door To P...
Plays: 618 Rating: Not rated

Escape to Obion: Fire and Ice
Escape To Obion: Fir... - Point-and-click Puzzle Game. Solve The Puzzles To Gain ...
Plays: 634 Rating: Not rated

Pollekes Blue Room
Pollekes Blue Room - Part 3 Of The Pollekes Room Escape Series, Search This ...
Plays: 683 Rating: Not rated

Doctor Ku - the cellar
Doctor Ku - The Cell... - Escape The Cellar Using The Objects Around.
Plays: 656 Rating: Not rated

Escape Blue Bathroom
Escape Blue Bathroom - You Are Locked In A Blue Bathroom And You Need To Escap...
Plays: 647 Rating: Not rated

Escape - A Slide Puzzle Game That Can Very Hard!
Plays: 683 Rating: Not rated

The Journey
The Journey - Try To Get Out Of The City And Escape The Mental Hospit...
Plays: 676 Rating: Not rated

DayMare Town 2
Daymare Town 2 - Find Yourself Lost Again On The Streets Of This Odd Tow...
Plays: 630 Rating: Not rated

Escape to Obion 2: The Hidden Map
Escape To Obion 2: T... - The Second Episode In The Obion Series. Solve Puzzles ...
Plays: 587 Rating: Not rated

In the Woods
In The Woods - Try To Get Out Of The Forest.
Plays: 632 Rating: Not rated

Free the bird
Free The Bird - Point And Click To Free The Bird!
Plays: 649 Rating: Not rated

Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Illusions
Super Sneaky Spy Guy... - Point And Click Adventure Game, Dreaming Can Be A Fun A...
Plays: 651 Rating: Not rated

Eskkapee - Try To Escape The Room.
Plays: 697 Rating: Not rated

Shape Escape Extended
Shape Escape Extende... - In Shape Escape Extended, You Must Guide Your Ball To T...
Plays: 636 Rating: Not rated

Casual Gameplay Escape
Casual Gameplay Esca... - A Most Unusual Point-and-click Room Escape Game That In...
Plays: 652 Rating: Not rated

eskkapee 2
Eskkapee 2 - An Escape The Room Game
Plays: 640 Rating: Not rated

Beach - Korea Room Escape Game.
Plays: 731 Rating: Not rated

Locked IN Bathroom
Locked In Bathroom - Your Brother Went To The Bathroom And Left An Awful Odo...
Plays: 681 Rating: Not rated

Gramophone Escape
Gramophone Escape - Collect The Items In The Room And Use Them To Get Out O...
Plays: 604 Rating: Not rated

Escape the Room 1
Escape The Room 1 - Try Escaping From The Room.
Plays: 634 Rating: Not rated

Escape the Room 2
Escape The Room 2 - Escape From The Room!
Plays: 680 Rating: Not rated

Gatuno in Halloween
Gatuno In Halloween - Your Cat Has Been Turned Into Stone By An Evil Witch. Y...
Plays: 644 Rating: Not rated

illogical room
Illogical Room - Escape Game. Find Item And Escape The Room.
Plays: 706 Rating: Not rated

The Cell
The Cell - Can You Escape 'TheCell'? Navigate The Room And Pick Up...
Plays: 640 Rating: Not rated

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